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Painting Expressive Weekend Workshop

In addition to creating award-winning commercial graphic design, Leslie Nolan also is an accomplished artist and illustrator. And she shares her talent with aspiring artists in a series of art workshops. Small classes of 2-5 allow her to give students personal attention and room to express themselves.

The hands-on workshops encourage you to create with no preconceived ideas or images, starting with the power of color to enliven your paper, free your mind, and touch your heart. From here, the art begins

"As a writer, I know how to communicate; as a visual artist I had forgotten how. Leslie's workshop proved to be an enlightening weekend journey to a land of exciting color and infinite possibilities. With Leslie's guidance, I used bold brush strokes to create a significant painting - it was an awe-inspiring experience and healing process." Karen L. Schnitzsphan

"The process is extraordinary. I was guided to a place deep within myself that has no language. It creates a fusion of conscious and unconscious feeling, without judgement. Leslie's subtle suggestions create an acceleration of process to help you dive deeper and deeper." Michele Dicubellis

Call or email for a free brochure, or register and secure your spot for a upcoming workshop.

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